Deep Sea Halloween: Spooktober Part 5

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The time is here, Halloween is in two days. Hopefully everyone had a great Halloweekend and if you still need a costume for Tuesday here is my last idea. A mermaid is what I decided to dress up as for my final costume of 2023. I had such a specific vision for this costume and wasn't sure if I was going to find what I needed, but by some sort of miracle I found what I was envisioning. 

Goodwill always seems to come through during Halloween time for me. I was there for what was probably my third time in a week and I came across these treasures. I planned to wear my white bathing suit top underneath whatever I ended up finding. I came across this green shiny top and knew it would be perfect. I kept looking and found these sparkly silver pants, it was then that I knew I found the outfit to bring this idea to life.   

Just as much as I love fun makeup for a Halloween costume I also love something that I can have a DIY moment with. I remembered I found a shell while on vacation this summer and it had a hole already in it which made it perfect to turn into a necklace. I strung up some purple beads and pearls and I had the best accessory for this costume.


I knew this makeup needed to be very sparkly and colorful. I decided to have a purple based makeup look to match the necklace that I made. I had an eyeshadow palette that had matte purple shades and sparkly purple shades which was perfect for the eye look I created. I layered them all and used the lightest metallic purple on my lid.

I put on a lot of blush and bronzer to look sunkissed and on my lips I put on a gloss and then tapped on some of the same metallic purple eyeshadow that I used on my lid. I also found some blue fake nails that had gems on them in my makeup drawer so I put those on as well. I really like how it all came together and I felt pretty like an underwater anomaly.  


This was one of my favorite costumes I put together and even wore it to a Halloween party that I went to. Halloween is a lot of fun and I love coming up with costume ideas for all of you. I can reuse each of these pieces for other costumes in the future or events that I have coming up. I'm glad it came together like I pictured in my head. Hopefully I was able to give you some inspiration this Spooktober and you came up with something perfect for you.   


Until next year! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween and wore a costume or costumes that you loved. I'm already brainstorming ideas for next year because Spooktober is my favorite time of the year. Sad it is coming to an end but we have something to look forward to next year.  

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