Oh Deer It's Halloween: Spooktober part 3

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! The time has come for my final Spooktober DIY Halloween costume post. This post is going to be explaining my deer costume. This costume was by far my favorite one because I loved how the makeup, hair, outfit, and pictures turned out. The pictures are too cute, luckily I have a boyfriend that was willing to help me out and he did a great job. I'm glad he was able to be a part of this post, it was a lot of fun and I got to teach him some camera skills. I hope this post helps you if you are still in need of a last minute costume for tonight.   
My outfit for this costume was simple once again but matches my style pretty well. I wore a brown turtle neck sweater to represent the fur of a deer. I bought this sweater from the thrift store last year. Thrifting is the best idea for last minute costumes if you can't find anything in your closet. To elevate your outfit you could even wear a faux fur vest over your sweater. Unfortunately, I sold mine to a resale shop a few weeks back so I couldn't add it to my costume. I paired the sweater with jeans, a belt, boot socks, and black ankle booties. Any costume store would have really cute accessories for you to add to this look. I completely forgot about antlers, which would have taken this look to another level.  



This Halloween I was a fan of the double buns clearly but they worked with all of my outfits. So how could I not do them? For this costume though I split my hair in half and used all of my hair on each side to put up into a bun. I pulled some pieces out to make it look a little messy and to frame my face. This hairstyle combined with my makeup made me feel quite cute and confident. The buns imitate the ears of a deer. You can wear your hair whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable. Have fun and do what is best for you this Halloween.  


I absolutely loved how my makeup turned out for this look. The only item that I had to purchase was a white eyeliner pencil which I used to draw on the spots on my face. I started out with my foundation and then once again bronzed like crazy. I added a lot of bronzer to my forehead which made the white spots stand out even more. My eyeshadow was a brown smokey eye with wing eyeliner just like my lion costume. If you haven't read that post be sure to check it out next. I contoured my nose and at the end of it i used black liquid eyeliner to draw on a nose. I connected a line from under my nose to my upper lip. I used black liquid lipstick and applied it only to my upper lip. I highlighted my face and then added on the spots to complete the look. You can put the spots wherever you want and add as many or as little as you prefer on your face. This makeup was easier than I anticipated and I felt so cute and girly once it was finished. 
Since it is Halloween be sure to have a safe night and enjoy the last day of spooky season! I can't believe October is already over, I don't know how the months and years keep going by faster and faster. I hope you all found a costume that you are happy with and can have fun in. I also hope that my posts served as inspiration for you and your costume. Happy Halloween everyone! 

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