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You know the great thing about fashion today? There are so many opportunities to pull inspiration from the past and make it your own. Style is what you do with the clothes you have and each and every one of you has the opportunity to create something unique. Lately, I've been into the 90's fashion trends. To make these outfits featured above I had to head to the thrift stores. Thrift shopping provides a unique experience and allows you to find special pieces that you couldn't just go to the mall and find. Thrift shopping is also held close to my heart because it is something that my sisters and I have done with our mom and grandma for as long as I could remember.  
The first outfit pictured included a flannel shirt, army green t-shirt, black wide leg denim, and black suede booties. Sometimes when thrift shopping you find items that you weren't necessarily looking for. That was the case with the black denim pants from this look. My sister came across them and to our surprise they were 50% off. Who could pass up a two dollar pair of jeans that fit perfectly? Since they had more of a wide leg I instantly thought of 90's grunge and how I could create a whole look. I really like how the outfit turned out and I'd wear it again for running errands around town. It was comfortable yet stylish...the best combination.  
The second outfit was pure thrift store gold! I was able to find the most amazing vintage Banana Republic oversized denim jacket. When I picked it up my eyes got so wide and I'm pretty sure I almost shed a tear. I had been looking for a jacket like this forever, my day was made. I paired that jacket with a black and white striped t-shirt and black high-waisted denim ankle pants. Usually I'm not one for mixing patterns but the plaid and stripes work well with each. I love how this outfit turned out and how edgy my sister looked while wearing it.  
Don't be afraid to pick up pieces that you wouldn't usually wear. Style is all about trying new things and finding what suits you best. The 90's offer a lot of inspiration and lately has been coming back into trend even more, so if you don't enjoy thrift shopping you can still find items in stores. Have fun with your style, it's a depiction of you! 

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