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Halloween is right around the corner once again. As a child Halloween was such a fun holiday that I celebrated with my family and all the kids on my street. If it was on a weekday our school day would be filled with Halloween crafts and activities and then we would come home and start getting ready for the evening. We would all wait until dusk and meet at our house to take pictures in the front yard. October is one of my favorites because the majority of the time you walk outside and it smells like a bonfire. At least one neighbor would have a bonfire set up so once we came back from trick-or-treating we could be warm and sort through our candy. Most of the time though the parents sat outside and the kids went indoors to play and eat candy. It was always a really fun time and I never wanted the night to end. This year I created three looks that are easy to achieve with minimal supplies. As you have seen above I chose to become a bumble bee, skeleton, and scarecrow. 
The bumble bee is super easy because all you need is something black and yellow stripes. For my outfit I wore a black tank dress underneath a yellow striped shirt that I tied at the waist. For shoes I wore my over-the-knee black boots. You can take your outfit above and beyond by your makeup. I used a lot of yellows, oranges, and browns for the eyeshadow. For my lipstick I used a black matte liquid lipstick which is unlike anything I have ever worn before but incorporated it into all of my Halloween looks. To take it a step further you can add honeycomb on your forehead and cheeks. Also you could paint little bees on you. It's completely up to you what you do with your costume. I think that is what is fun about Halloween is that you can try new looks and step outside of your comfort zone.
The next idea for a Halloween costume I came up with was a skeleton. I wore an entirely black outfit, which is one of my go-to outfits anyways. Makeup was a little tricky and something I have never tried before. I also didn't have any white face paint so my skeleton was missing that component but I still think it turned out really cool. The main objective for creating the skeleton look is to make it seem like your cheeks are hollow. To accomplish this look start by extending your mouth and following the shape of your cheek bone. Next, layer a lot of eyeshadow in black and deep brown and then blend like crazy. You can add so many elements to this look to make it your own. I would have added teeth if I had white paint, there are also so many tutorials online for even more inspiration.  
The final costume idea I decided to create was a scarecrow. To be honest this one came out even better than I could have expected. All you really need is a plaid shirt and some jeans to complete the look. The makeup was a blast and I totally transformed into the character. I added freckles to my face and used more orange and brown eyeshadows. For my nose and blush I ended up using some eyeshadow for a cohesive look. My handy dandy black lipstick came in clutch once again for this look. I also had to extend my smile and add hash marks which I did with a liquid eyeliner. This outfit was super comfortable and I felt cute as the scarecrow, I didn't really want to take a makeup wipe to my face. Some ideas to take this look over the top would be to have some hay sticking out of your jeans and sleeves and also wear a straw hat. 
I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for Halloween, which is less than a week away. What?! Where in the world did the month of October go? Whatever you choose to be for Halloween make sure you have fun with it. Make every costume and makeup your own and embrace the creativity that goes along with Halloween. Be safe. Trick or Treat?   

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