Lifeguard On Duty This Halloween: Spooktober Part 3

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This is the perfect costume for any last minute Halloween festivities you may have. Many people have had the summer lifeguard job and may still have a few accessories in storage that they can dig out. It is a simple costume and a costume that is easily recognizable while you're out and about. I do like how this idea came to life and I would wear it to a Halloween party.  

For this outfit I wore a red sweatshirt that had the word LIFEGUARD embroidered in blue, a white athletic skirt, Air Force 1s, and a fanny pack. I had the majority of this in my closet already and only had to buy the whistle because that is a staple for this costume. This is one of the easier costumes I have ever put together. Like I said before, the thrift store is your best friend when it comes to putting together Halloween costumes. 

I kept the makeup extremely simple because most of the times lifeguards don't have a full face of makeup on. Just some sunscreen and lip balm. I braided my hair into a ponytail to keep it out of my face. Everything was meant to look effortless and easy to throw together and go to your next Halloween event. 


When I thrifted the sweatshirt I knew instantly how I would style it for the perfect costume. This is extremely comfortable and will keep me decently warm because it gets kind of chilly where I live. I'm lucky that my parents have a pool and they actually closed it a week before I decided on this costume idea. I was able to use the ladder as a make shift lifeguard stand as a prop for this costume. It all came together just as I pictured it in my head.   


Only a few weeks left until Halloween, have you finalized your costume yet? I only have two costume ideas left to share with you all and I can't wait for you to see them! Spooktober is such a fun time and I'm glad I get to create and share my ideas. This is one of the most fun times of the year and I hope you're able to pull inspiration from the ideas that I put together and write about.  

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