Magical Halloween: Spooktober part 1

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Halloween is two weeks away. I repeat two weeks away! How many of you are still in need of a costume for that spooky day? Here is an idea for you, be a unicorn. This is a very simple idea that you can make from items you have at home already. Also, you can go to a Halloween store to get even more accessories if you think it is necessary. This post is focusing on becoming a unicorn and how I put the look together that you see above. 
When you think of unicorns you think of pink, magic, and sparkles. Lots and lots of sparkles. Taking to Youtube and Pinterest is where I started my journey of turning myself into a unicorn. There are so many pictures and ways to do your makeup and hair so you just have to choose what is easiest and best for you. Use your creativity to come up with something that is unique for you. For the outfit part of the costume I wore a white turtleneck bodysuit under a pink corduroy pinafore. I wore tan booties and added simple and sparkly silver jewelry. Take to your closet and find all the pink you can to create the unicorn look of your dreams.   
For my hairstyle I kept it very simple. I straightened it all and then made two buns on top of my head with half of my hair to act as ears of the unicorn. I added pink sparkles to my hair to make it even more magical of a costume. You can do so much with your hair to make it go with the costume even more. If you wanted you could get a pink wig or curl your hair. You have the freedom to do whatever works for you. To make the horn of the unicorn I took white computer paper and cut it to the size I wanted and then I rolled and taped it into the shape of the horn. You can use a different color of paper, a styrofoam cone, or glitter foam. This is also an accessory that you can buy from a Halloween store if you do not feel like doing it yourself.   
The makeup was such a fun part of this costume. One of the things I like about Halloween is that you can go outside of your comfort zone regarding makeup and outfits. To be a unicorn I gathered all of the pink makeup I could find. For starters I added pink eyeshadow to my eyebrows, I used that same pink eyeshadow to contour my face after my foundation was applied. It was interesting to contour with a different color other than brown but it turned out really cool. A big part of my unicorn look is all of the highlighter. I used the OFRA highlighter in Moondance which is super bright. You can even add sparkles to the areas of your face that you put the highlighter on. Adding gems around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks would be a really great touch to bring the makeup to the next level. To finish off the look I put on a pink lipstick and called it done. I really loved how the makeup turned out because it was way different than my day to day makeup. 
I hope this gave you an idea of what you can be for Halloween or at least got your creative gears turning. Halloween is a time to be creative and have fun. There will be another post next week with another DIY costume idea. You'll have to check back next week to see what it is. Cheers to spooky season!  

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