NEW DESIGN: Let Your Ideas Bloom

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NEW DESIGN ALERT! I'm excited to create more and more designs for all of you. This design is a lightbulb with flowers inside and the quote, "let your ideas bloom" underneath. The design is on a pretty yellow cotton t-shirt perfect for the summer months. As usual you can get your t-shirt cropped or full length, whichever you prefer. 

I've had the most ideas and creativity these past few months and this t-shirt is a reminder to make them happen and let them bloom. An idea can only go so far if it is stuck inside your head. Keep pushing your ideas into the world and make them the best that they can be. I have always loved the design of flowers inside of a lightbulb, I think it's so pretty and magical. I even created a painting like this for my dining room. That's why I've decided to put the design on a t-shirt. Also let's talk about how pretty this yellow shirt is! I can't wait to see you all wearing around during the summer. 

I wanted to incorporate flowers into this design like I do with all my designs to keep my brand consistent. I absolutely love flowers and taking inspiration from nature makes the designs feel more organic and natural. I can't wait to see how inspired I can be now that flowers are blooming everywhere. 

This is one of many designs that you'll see coming in the summer months! I hope you all can find something you love and want to wear a lot. Feedback is always welcome, I want to have a brand that you love as much as I do.  


Check out all the designs available under the shop tab! I hope you all are liking my designs so far. Thank you for the support, let's keep getting the emerald mayflowers name out there! Tell your friends and family and maybe even get them a t-shirt that they will love. Even more new things coming soon. Thanks!

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