The Making Of Emerald Mayflowers

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Have you always wanted to do something but never acted upon it? I've wanted to have my own business/clothing line since I was in high school. I decided now was the time to make my dreams a reality. The plan was put into action once I helped make a website at work. I was inspired and my creative juices were flowing. It did take me weeks to come up with the perfect name and logo though.

I wanted it to be something catchy and true to me. Then one day it came to me; emerald mayflowers. This was the perfect name because I was born in the month of May which explains all aspects of my brand. Emerald is the birthstone and a mayflower (also known as Lily of the Valley Hawthorne) is the flower that represents May and makes up the second part of my brand name. I love flowers and think they are beautiful so a lot of my designs will have some sort of floral element. 

I've always dreamt of people walking around in clothes that I've designed and now I'm making it happen. The support from those close to me have kept me going and more determined than ever. It's also a fun activity for my little sister and I to do together. I'm lucky that she is always willing to help me out and we get to take our love for photoshoots to the next level with emerald mayflowers. I'm constantly thinking of new designs and ways to make this business the best it can be. I'm very excited for what is to come and what I have made so far. This blog post will be showing off the designs that I released during my launch. Blog posts in the future will be created to show new designs and explain why I designed it.  

The first design is emerald mayflowers repeating 3 times in 3 different shades of green. I wanted something that was simple, cute, and helped promote my brand even more. It creates a discussion because people will ask you about the shirt and you'll get to share your love for the brand. I'm also a huge fan of bold block text, I think it looks so clean and easy to read. Each style I decided to create a cropped version along with the full length version and a sweatshirt. 


The next design is 3 pots with plant leaves in them. I've envisioned this design for quite awhile. This is the most complex of the designs that I released during my launch. It consists of 3 different colored leaves in a pot and that is repeated 2 more times across the front of the shirt. It is a cute design for a plant lover and to be worn during the spring and summer months.  


The last design is the words chasing wildflowers with a flower above and below. I took the flower design from my logo and incorporated it into this design. I like how it all looks together with the different fonts and the graphics. I had ordered a pale orange shirt and thought it would be perfect for this design because I could have an all white graphic and the color of the shirt reminds me of a flower. I wanted to get a color that was perfect for the spring and summer months besides white.   



Taking the photos and video for my website was the most fun but also frustrating because I wanted them to look perfect. I'm not gonna lie my sister and I had to take the product photos 3 times before I liked how they looked. I wanted my website to look bright and fresh. Items that people visiting the website would want to wear. Simplistic but also make a visual impact. I hope you all enjoy my products and I can't wait for you all to see what I have in store for future clothing releases!  


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