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By now we are all aware of the events happening around the world and hopefully we are all following the quarantine order so that this all gets better soon. Photography is a huge passion of mine and dressing up for photoshoots is a lot of fun. While at home I have had to get creative for my photoshoots and take advantage of my self timer and tripod. Hopefully you all are using this situation to be creative, learn new things, and take advantage of the extra time. Make the most of this quarantine, I can say I have not felt this creative or motivated in a very long time.   
To start I have a beautiful white dress that I have been wanting to do a photoshoot in and decided now was the time. I also had cute lemon fabric at my disposal and thought that would be a perfect backdrop to go along with some decorative lemons my mom gave me. I also had a different lemon fabric that I turned into a hair scarf because why not?  This was a cute and fun little photoshoot that I did while sitting on my living room floor. I set up my camera on my tripod and began taking photos, the light by my backdoor is perfect for natural lit photos. You don't even want to know how many times I had to throw those dang lemons in the air to get them positioned how I liked. Props make pictures more fun and I haven't done one of these photoshoots in awhile so I thought it was about time.  


Next I took the dress outside to show all of its glory and not just the top half. I had always wanted a photo throwing a skirt into the wind and this dress was perfect. It was a super windy day which you would think would make it easier to get the photos but in reality it was slightly difficult at times. At first it was hard to get the timing correct so that the skirt would be in the air and my hand would no longer be holding onto it. And then of course I had to do some pictures where I was twirling because how could I not take advantage of the full skirt. Having movement in your photos is another way, along with props, to elevate your photos and to make them more interesting. The dress is also heavy which made it difficult to get the shot that I envisioned in my head. After trying different poses and different locations I ended up getting photos that I love. Sometimes it takes more time than you think for everything to work out and make a perfect picture. Don't give up and keep trying different things.   

I gave in and got Tik Tok and you know what it really takes me back to the days where I had to create sideline dances for my dance team in college. Also, the photography challenges are awesome and inspiring. The creative side to Tik Tok is really motivating and makes me want to try new crafts and teach myself new skills. I took a mirror, that I have yet to hang up, outside and tried to take some selfies with the trees and clouds. Let me tell you this was way more difficult than I had imagined. As you can see I tried several times and in different outfits. I wore a floral jumpsuit when I took pictures by myself. I got it from Goodwill for super cheap and it's really comfortable. Next, I wore some mom jeans and a yellow floral top that my sister gave me last year. And finally I kept it simple with a white crop top and some jeans.
Doing this by myself was kind of frustrating because my camera wouldn't focus so it felt as if I had wasted my time. I then just used my IPhone and the results were much better. I met up with my sister the next day and we took pictures of each other and us together in the mirror and they turned out so well. The ones of us together are my favorite because of the lighting and color scheme of the photo. I'm glad I challenged myself to take these pictures that aren't typical for me. It's always a good idea to have fun and try new things. 




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