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Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well during this time of uncertainty, hopefully this blog post can serve as a short distraction from the craziness happening in the world right now.
So, I have always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens and my urge for them was magnified recently when I started watching a lot of styling videos on YouTube that used these shoes in their outfits. I am way to frugal though to go out and drop serious cash on one item like these shoes, so my dream of having them was pushed to the back burner. I'm fortunate to work in a resale shop where I'm surrounded by clothing and accessories all day everyday. It must have been my lucky day because a pair of solid black Dr. Martens in my size came into the store. I almost passed out right there I was so excited for them and hoped they fit. I tried them on after I was done with work and knew I had to have them. 
For the most part I have a pretty girly style so I didn't know how often I would actually wear these boots. However, it is always fun to expand your wardrobe and step out of your comfort zone. This blog post consists of girly outfits with a little edge. I hope this can inspire you to change up your style and have fun while picking out outfits. 
My first outfit included two DIY projects and is one of my favorite looks. I first took some pants that I bought at Goodwill and tailored them to fit tighter around my ankles. I used the extra fabric to make belt loops and then I was done and ready to wear them. I put on a belt with them because they are slightly too big and I think a belt helps break up an outfit. For the top I took an old 90 Degrees workout tank and cropped it so it would be form fitting and hit at the perfect spot on my waist to still show the pants. I added a black hat because I think a hat makes any outfit 10 times better. The Dr. Martens really pull this look together and add an edgy twist to it. I felt super confident in this outfit and can't wait to wear it again. 
My next outfit is  a burnt orange dress and one of my favorite items in my closet. It makes me feel like a free spirit and I'm glad I bought it and added it to my closet. It has a very deep neckline which makes it a little difficult to wear since I can't wear a bra with it but I just tie the tie around my waist a little tighter. I wore the same black hat as the previous outfit because you all already know I love it and it was a gift from my boyfriend which makes me love it even more. I wore cream colored socks with my Dr. Martens this time to bring out the cream in the dress. This outfit is the perfect balance between edgy and girly and I would wear it every day if I could. 
My next outfit is an overall dress with a graphic t-shirt underneath of it. To start I love this t-shirt and it was a great thrift find for me. Across it there are three different flowers which I think is perfect for spring. I DIYed this a bit too because the sleeves were longer than I liked so I cuffed them and sewed them so they would stay. Denim is a wardrobe staple if you ask me. Denim jackets, denim dresses, jeans, any denim is great to make outfits with. I bought this overall dress for a Halloween costume last year and think it is so cute for spring as well. You can wear overalls with both straps hooked or just one. I think that makes them super versatile and changes the look of the outfit. I wore a belt around my waist to give my body some shape since the overall dress is slightly big on me. I really like how the boots match with the belt and make this outfit more edgy. 
My next outfit is a black satin dress over a gray t-shirt. I can't tell you all how long I looked for the perfect black satin slip dress. I was discouraged each time I left goodwill without it. One day I fount this one and I love it so much. It is a great shape and length. It has a little slit and some lace on it. It did have a little rose sewn on the v-neck but I cut that off so it didn't look like pajamas. As you can tell I like to DIY pretty much anything and everything I possibly can. It makes my pieces feel more one of a kind. Layering dresses over t-shirts is a favorite outfit of mine. While making these outfits I've learned that Dr. Martens with dresses is my new favorite outfit. 
My last outfit is black skinny jeans with a floral tank top. I added a floral tank to keep a girly element in the outfit. I got my tank top from Altar'd State and my jeans are from Target. This is a simple outfit but perfect for a nice spring day which we have been having quite a few here in Missouri lately. These jeans are great because they are super high-waisted which makes wearing a crop top better for me because not that much of my stomach is showing. This outfit is also very comfortable and the Dr. Martens compliment it nicely. 
I hope this blog post gave you something to focus on for a short while with everything going on in the world. Take time to experiment with your wardrobe even if you just wear your awesome outfit to the kitchen because of quarantine. Make the most of it and have fun with your clothes. I find that doing my makeup and putting on clothes, other than pajamas, each day makes me feel better. Stay safe out there and stay creative when it comes to your wardrobe. 

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