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It's that time of the year where the weather starts changing again, thankfully this time it is getting warmer. During times of transitioning weather it is always difficult to pick out outfits because it is one temperature in the morning and a completely different temperature in the afternoon. I'm hear to talk about some ideas of ways you can make outfits that replicate the spring months but can also keep you warm if a winter chill creeps in. A simple t-shirt and jeans, flowy dresses, and pops of color are all easy ways to make your winter wardrobe ready for the spring. Hopefully you'll get some ideas of how to make outfits from the clothing in your wardrobe.  
One idea is to pair jeans with a cute t-shirt for a simple look but still spring appropriate. For this outfit I'm wearing a pair of straight leg jeans from Charlotte Russe. Jean shopping is hard, I'm sure you can all attest to that so the least amount of time I have to spend in them the better. However, these jeans fit me so well and I feel super confident in them, which happens once in a blue moon. For the top I'm wearing a black crop top from BooHoo, which is very comfortable. Any short sleeve shirt paired with jeans is a perfect spring outfit. I'm also wearing tan booties, a stiff brim hat, and a backpack as my accessories. Accessorizing an outfit is a great way to elevate a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt. Wearing short sleeves is a sure fire sign that spring weather is here. As we delve deeper into true spring weather I would change out my tan booties for some black or colorful sandal to make it even more season appropriate.  


Springtime is the time for cute dresses. My sister is wearing a light blue ruffle dress with white specks that is spring appropriate. The dress has longer sleeves so that she can still be season appropriate but warm when the sun starts to set or when the morning temperature is cooler than expected. She paired her dress with white Air Force 1 sneakers, which really help the pattern of the dress pop. Sneakers and dresses are a huge trend for this upcoming season. Wearing sneakers with dresses is a way to make an outfit more casual. Dresses are super comfortable and it looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit even though it took less than a minute to throw on. She also is carrying a backpack. Backpacks are much nicer than purses if you ask me because you can have both hands free and the weight is equally distributed onto both of her shoulders unlike crossbody bags that rest solely on one shoulder. Dresses are my favorite to wear and I can see myself adding more to my wardrobe soon, especially the babydoll ruffle style. 


Another tip for a transitioning wardrobe is to incorporate more spring colors into your everyday outfits. I'm wearing a thin purple sweater tucked into jeans. Thin long sleeve tops are perfect for the transitioning months between seasons because you won't be too hot or too cold throughout the day. Light-wash and mom style jeans are still a trend and one that I incorporated into this outfit. I really wanted to wear a hair scarf with this outfit but the one I wanted to wear was too long once I tied it around my ponytail. So instead of scrapping it from my outfit altogether, I decided to use it as my belt! This just shows you there are always ways for you to be creative in your everyday outfits. Fashion is fun and expressive and you should make the most of it. Anything floral is a great item to be wearing in the spring months when all of the flowers start to bloom. It's also time to start breaking out those sandals just like I did for this outfit. Platform sandals are an easy way to dress up a casual outfit. Luckily my apartment building is yellow which really complimented my purple sweater and is such a spring color. Also, I'm really lucky to have a boyfriend that was willing to take these photos for me so I could document this cute spring outfit for all of you. Hopefully, you all are inspired to add color to your wardrobe and update your closet to be ready for the spring months ahead.     


I'm super excited for spring weather and to start incorporating more color into my wardrobe. Although, I'm not looking forward to the spring allergies that come along with this changing weather. In the winter I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and it is time for that to change. I hope these give you more ideas on how you can change up your wardrobe for the spring months. Have fun with your outfits and wear what makes you the most confident you can be.  


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