Are You There Halloween?: Spooktober Part 3

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Third costume idea of Spooktober is a ouji board. I first saw this costume idea on Pinterest and wanted to put my spin on it. I also love any costume with fun makeup or a DIY element... and this has both!    

This costume was pretty easy to put together and I like how my interpretation turned out in the end. I had been seeing the Urban Outfitters corset top all over and really wanted something like it in my closet. I searched the internet and found this one on Shein and knew it would be perfect for this costume idea because it left room for the letters on my chest. Also, while I was at Goodwill searching for costume pieces I found these leather joggers from Target still with the tags on! I knew they needed to come home with me.

All together this outfit is quite comfortable. To finish the look I wore my black Dr. Martens. It made the outfit seem more edgy and you need to have a little edge if you're dealing with the paranormal with a ouji board. For accessories I just wore a black pendent choker and some rings. I kept my accessories pretty simple but you could always add more jewelry for a bigger statement.   


For my makeup I kept everything pretty dark. I used black eyeshadow to create a smokey eye look and wore matte black lipstick. I truly love wearing black lipstick for Halloween costumes, so each year I try to create at least one that allows me to wear it. The rest of my makeup I kept fairly simple and close to what I do day to day when I apply makeup.

Making props is a lot of fun for me and I use it to make something to elevate my outfit. A planchette is a pivotal piece for the ouji board costume. Without it how will you speak to spirits? To make my planchette I cut out the shape from a piece of cardboard and then painted it with some deep gold paint. This was exactly what my costume needed to tie it all together. 

A fun element to this costume was creating the letters and numbers that you find on the board when trying to contact the paranormal. I bought glitter letter/number stickers from Michael's and stuck them to my cheeks and chest one by one. This was tedious and a little difficult because I did it looking in the mirror making everything backwards. I was quite impressed by how it turned out, came together exactly like I envisioned.      


That concludes the third spooktober costume idea! I hope you're getting some inspiration from these blog posts and have come up with a creative costume of your own. We are so close to Halloween and I only have one more costume to share with you next week. Stay spooky!  

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