Easy "A" Halloween Costume: Spooktober Part 2

Victoria Vitale

One of my favorite movies is Easy A and this year I wanted to dress up as the main character, Olive Penderghast. I literally have this whole movie memorized and it never fails to make me laugh. This is a movie that I can watch over and over again and never get bored of. In face there was a week in high school where I came home and watched it every day after school.   

I was very happy with this recreation because it was pretty spot on and I already had a majority of what I needed in my closet. That's the best type of costume because it saves you money and time if you already own what you need.  The only items I had to purchase were the corset and a piece of red stick on felt to make the letter A. 


The makeup for this costume was very simple and not far off from what I wear day to day. She is a high school student in the movie so makeup and hair didn't require anything crazy. I kept everything prett neutral, added some blush, and a light pink lipstick. As I was thinking of costumes I remembered I had a red wig in my wardrobe from a few years ago and knew this was perfect.

When I went and dug out the wig it was in rough shape to be honest and way longer than I needed to become Olive Penderghast. I brushed the wig and fixed the curls a little bit and also chopped it off to match the length of the character. I was happy with how the look came together. 


This was quite a simple outfit, yet far from what I'm usually comfortable wearing. The corset I ordered online from Shein and I paired it with some black boyfriend jeans. It was definitely a mix of comfortable on the bottom and not so comfortable on the top. You should have seen me trying to sit down in this corset. I wore my boots that had some bling on them since there weren't many other accessories to this costume. She had black sunglasses in the scene I was recreating so I used some sunglasses I had from college.

In order to make the felt A I just used my Cricut to make a perfect stencil and then I traced and cut out the letter A. Luckily it was stick on felt so no sewing was required for this DIY and I could easily remove it once I was done so that I could wear the corset without it in the future for another costume.  


Have you decided what you're dressing up as yet? Halloween is getting closer and closer and it's so exciting. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you are still trying to decide what to be.  


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