Sun Beams On Halloween: Spooktober Part 1

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The time has come yet again...Spooktober is here! Once again I have come up with 4 different Halloween costume ideas to help inspire you and get you into the Halloween spirit. First up is a sun goddess. I thought this would be quite challenging considering the color palette of all gold but somehow it was one of the easier costumes to find. 


Like I do every year I hit the thrift stores looking for items to create my costumes. Luckily during this time of year Goodwill has a Halloween costume section so you can find a lot of good stuff. I found this gold sports bra and was excited to see where this outfit could go. My original thought for this outfit was to pair it with a sparkly gold skirt and I even contemplated getting some fabric and making one myself. That was until I walked into the next thrift store and these gold pants were right there on the rack. I was in complete shock and couldn't wait to pair them with the top I found. I had a pair of gold Michael Kors sneakers I had thrifted months ago, so now the base of my outfit was complete.   



For the makeup I used so much glitter/highlight it's not even funny. To start I went through my makeup stash and pulled out anything yellow or gold. For my eyeshadow I used a yellow all over my lids and then added gold shimmer to the middle of my lids. I put on clear lipgloss and then dabbed some gold shimmer shadow on my lips to create a yellow shimmering lipgloss. This was a very bright and sparkly makeup look that was quite outside my comfort zone. That's what I find the most fun about Halloween is creating makeup looks that are so far from my day to day makeup. I really liked how this turned out and it went perfectly with the outfit and costume idea.   

Adding accessories to any outfit, especially a Halloween costume can really take it to the next level. For my outfit I added layered gold necklaces, gold hoop earrings, a gold belt, and a gold headband. Funny thing about my belt is that it is actually just two necklaces connected together. Halloween costumes really allow you to use your creativity and give new life to items you already own. My headband was just scrap fabric that I tied around my head. Halloween time is the time to let your DIY self shine through to make things to complete your costume.   


Do you know what your Halloween costume/costumes will be this year? I'm really excited to share all my ideas this spooky season and hopefully you get some inspiration too. Stay tuned for my next costume ideas, I have some great ideas up my sleeve. Overall, I'm very pleased with how this costume idea came to life and I'm glad it's spooky season and I get to create these costumes for all of you!   

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