A Gingham Dress Was All I Had To Wear

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The pattern that is making a comeback! The big trend for summer 2018 is gingham and I am here for it. I have been seeing this pattern across the internet from swimsuits to dresses to shoes. My sister (pictured above) found her high school graduation dress in this pattern and looked super adorable in it. I never thought I would want a piece of clothing with that pattern, but I was wrong. My family went out shopping for Mother's Day and I found myself a dress that I fell in love with. It was a t-shirt style dress, which is my favorite fit of a dress because it is very comfortable. It was also on sale so that was a plus, it's hard to pass up a deal. I remember picking it up and going to the dressing room very unsure but once I put it on I knew I had to make the purchase. New clothes are my weakness and I love adding trendy pieces to my closet to spice up my wardrobe. At first I thought it looked like something I would find at a picnic but I have grown to love it and need to add more things to my closet that look like the dress I now own. 

The possibilities of how to wear this pattern are endless. You can dress it up with heels or wear an outfit perfect for a casual day out. The next item on my to-get list would have to be a swimsuit or a cute top. We shall see what I get next to add to my growing wardrobe. These new trends allow for my wardrobe to be reinvented each season. My closet is made up of mostly basics and solid colors so it is nice to add pieces like the gingham dress to add diversity. The dresses that we have look classic and timeless because of the styles. I predict that this trend will be around for quite some time and I'm interested to see how it transitions into the fall season and even the winter. Maybe we will see gingham scarves and coats. The black and white gingham is very easy to add a pop of color to your outfit. You can basically pick your favorite color and add a necklace, shoes, bracelets, etc. I hope everyone embraces this trend with open arms because it is great for the summer and a wardrobe boost. With buying and wearing this dress it further shows that a person should not be afraid to try something new.  

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