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I love dressing up, taking photos, and styling my younger sisters for photoshoots. So it is no surprise that this post is about one of our recent photoshoots. There has been a photo challenge going around the internet lately and I decided to take part in it. Basically you go into a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels and take photographs, this is mainly done in the floral section but photos can be taken anywhere throughout the store. Since it is now spring time my sister and I went into the section of each craft store that had all the flowers to create our photos. 
I was slightly nervous about doing this photoshoot but I saw so many cool outcomes online that I wanted to try it for myself. However, I did not want to get yelled at or kicked out of any of the stores so that thought increased my anxiety. Luckily we did not get kicked out or yelled at the entire time we were there, on the other hand we did get weird disapproving looks from other customers though. We laughed it off and carried on with our photos. But while at Hobby Lobby one of the employees asked us "if we were doing a photoshoot" said "awesome" and walked away. That was a sigh of relief and we finished up our pictures before heading to lunch.  
It was way more challenging than I had anticipated believe it or not. Some aisles had very limited quantity of flowers so it just seemed empty and bizarre. Once we found the hanging flowers we struck gold though, they were the easiest pictures and really looked like we were at an exotic location. It is always fun to try something new and to challenge yourself, I felt challenged as a photographer and a "model" at this photoshoot. At times my sister and I had to be leaning on the fixtures in unpleasant poses to make it look like we were completely surrounded by flowers. It was a lot of fun and I would suggest anyone who wants to try it to do it.     

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