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The springtime has finally arrived, nature is in bloom and everything is coming back to life. It is time to revel in the beauty that is nature. I became one with nature, flowers in specific, when doing a photoshoot with my sister. I've always seen milk bath photos on Pinterest and really wanted to try it out. They are very feminine pictures that make me want to enjoy the beauty of flowers even more. This allowed for a simplistic photoshoot that focused on flowers and the arrival of spring. 

Let's talk about the process of gathering supplies because that is an important step for creating these photos. Now I'm an indecisive person, have been for as long as I can remember. So you can imagine how long it took to pick out and purchase the flowers used in these photos. I had to pick a color scheme that reminded me of spring but also went with the bralettes I wanted to wear. We found a very pretty pack of flowers that were different shades of purple, another that was yellow, and baby's breath. I really liked this combination of flowers and I think it gave off the spring vibe that I wanted. The great thing about this photoshoot is that it is completely customizable. I wore two different barrettes because I thought wearing a whole outfit in the bath would be even more uncomfortable. To make the bath water white we just added powdered milk which we purchased at Walmart. It was an affordable photoshoot and I was able to obtain the Pinterest-esq photos I've always wanted. 
It's definitely harder than I expected but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the photos. For some of the pictures I had to stay in an uncomfortable position and my sister had to stand up on the tub to be above me. Imagine my thought that she would fall in the tub on top of me with my DSLR camera... that would've been a nightmare. Luckily that never happened and we were able to get great shots of the flowers from above. I thought it might have been limiting but I just had to work and experiment to get the picture I had in my mind. I'm really glad my sister was willing to help out, both of my sisters are always willing to go along with my crazy photoshoot ideas. I know have these photos perfect for the spring!
I hope you all enjoyed this and might even try it out for yourself.  

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