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This is a continuation of my post last week. I had so much inspiration and created a lot of outfits with my sister that I needed to write another post for you all. I hope this gives you even more inspiration for outfits as we get further and further into the fall months. Creating outfits is one of my favorite things and I love that I get to share all of them with all of you.  

A huge trend for the fall is printed midi skirts and graphic band tees. The tee that my sister is wearing was made by me and given to her as a birthday gift. I love how it turned out and it matches the animal print skirt perfectly. Making a knot at your waist in the tee will accentuate your waist and give you more shape. Compared to the Pinterest photo I found I believe we recreated it pretty well. She paired her whole outfit with Air Forces just like the girl in the Pinterest photo did. Pairing a more dressy outfit with sneakers makes it more casual and something you can wear everyday. You can also throw on an oversized denim jacket like my sister did when the weather starts to cool down even more. This is such a fun outfit because you can use a new band tee each time you wear it.  



Overalls are great for fall and can be layered with thin long sleeves or heavier sweaters. My sister had these perfect gray corduroy overalls that she got at the Goodwill outlet. It's crazy how much we get from the Goodwill outlet that fits so perfectly without getting to try it on before purchasing. This outfit has so many possibilities because you can pair the solid neutral overalls with any color undershirt or sweater. Just like the photo I did pair this outfit with my Dr. Martens, it makes the outfit have a bit more edge to it. This outfit is also very comfortable so it would be good for any fall activity.  

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Flannels are the ultimate fall fashion essential. I never wore any of my flannels when they were full length but once I cropped them all I would wear one every day if I could. I took my olive green plaid flannel and paired it with some high-waisted black jeans. My flannel is thrifted of course but my jeans are from Target. They are super stretchy and comfortable. I love how high-waisted they are because I feel confident in them and not too exposed. Thrift stores are the best place to find flannels because they usually have a good variety. A tip is to look in the mens section because they will fit more loosely and the color combinations are usually better. A cropped flannel and black jeans is pretty simple but it encompasses fall completely. I love this outfit and can't wait to continue to wear it throughout the fall months.   

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I hope this gives you even more inspiration and excitement for fall and the outfits you can create. Have fun with your fashion choices and don't be afraid to try something new. Find ways to make trends fit with your style and feel confident in all of the outfits you put together. If you try any of these trends tag @emeraldmayflowers on Instagram. 

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