Paw-fect Halloween: Spooktober part 1

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It's the best month... SPOOKTOBER! I love Halloween and dressing up and I look forward to it each year. Creating multiple outfits for this blog is so much fun and I hope I can give some inspiration for your costume. First of the four costumes that I will write about this year is a dalmatian. Becoming an animal is the easiest costume if you ask me because there are distinct characteristics that you can copy. Last year I dressed up as a deer, a lion, and a unicorn which you can read about after this post if you're interested. Dressing up as a dalmatian is quite simple, you only need a few staple items. For my outfit I wore a white shirt paired with a black tennis skirt, and my classic adidas sneakers. 

For this Halloween costume I took a more casual route because who doesn't like to be comfortable. I took the oversized t-shirt that I borrowed from my dad's closet and tied it at the waist to give more definition to my body. I paired it with a black tennis skirt but this outfit would also be really cute with a white tutu or white jeans.

I cut out black felt and stuck it to my shirt to create the spots. For the spots on my face and body I used black eyeliner to draw them and black eyeshadow to fill them in. I also used the black eyeliner to draw on a dog nose. Eyeliner can be quite difficult to remove, so make sure you have lots of makeup wipes in stock.  To mimic a collar I took some red satin ribbon and tied it around my neck. I finished off the look with my adidas sneakers.

I just put my hair in low pigtails but you can wear your hair however you'd like. It would be cute to make some felt ears and glue them to headband. As a little prop I took a small bowl that says 'WOOF' on it and filled it with candy to act as my food bowl. I thought this was a good touch to fully convey what my costume was. Details are important to a costume so take the time to think about the little details and make your costume the best it can be.   


I felt super cute in this outfit and extremely comfortable. Hopefully this gets your wheels turning on what you want to be for Halloween. It's still early in October so you have quite a bit of time to finalize your costume choice. Have fun with your outfit and pick something you feel confident in. You only get to go all out and dress up as something other than yourself one day a year so make the most of it. I can't wait to share my other costumes with you in the weeks to come! 

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