Basic Witch Halloween: Spooktober part 2

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Another week of October means another Halloween costume! This week I decided to put together a witch costume. This is quite a basic costume but also a classic. Just imagine dressing up as a witch and watching Hocus Pocus while eating some candy corn. There is a lot of personalization that can go into this costume so that you make it your own. You can make a great witch costume with items in your closet instead of buying the pre-made costume from the store. 

My wardrobe mainly consists of items in the color black so I had lots of options when it came to this costume. I finally decided on a black dress that has lace sleeves and a keyhole. This dress belongs to my sister and she graciously allowed me to wear it for this costume. I wanted to wear this dress because the sleeves give me witch vibes and I felt confident in it. The shape of the dress is flattering because it cinches in at the waist. I paired this dress with some black booties, some silver jewelry, and a witches hat.

I put loose curls in my hair so that they would be seen underneath my hat. I also put a twist braid on one side so that when I took my hat off, my hair had a style to it besides hat hair. I loved this outfit and loved doing the makeup even more. Halloween is such a fun time to experiment with fashion and makeup. Take advantage of the season and have fun with your costumes and create something you are comfortable and confident in.   


When it comes to the makeup for this costume I went completely outside of my comfort zone. I used black eyeshadow to contour my face, I did a dark smokey eye, and wore black lipstick. I wanted a dramatic and dark makeup look because that's what I thought would portray a witch. I used my James Charles eyeshadow palette, this is the best palette I have ever used. I barely had to put any black shadow on my brush for my contour. I didn't want the contour to be too dark but I did want it to be different than my every day makeup look. I used the same black shade on my eyes, I even put the shadow on my water line which I never do. To finish off the look I put mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I swear my eyes have never looked more blue. For wearing so much makeup I honestly felt super confident and pretty. There is just something about wearing black lipstick in October that makes me feel powerful. 

This just goes to show that good things can come from trying something new with your makeup or fashion. You can be as dramatic with this makeup as you want or stay on the safer side. It's up to you. There are so many ideas on Pinterest and YouTube so use your resources to find a look that is ideal for you.  


I hope you all are enjoying these Halloween posts! I have so much fun putting together the outfits, doing my makeup, and doing my hair. Hopefully you are getting some inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. I can't wait to post two more costume ideas in the coming weeks! Stay tuned and Happy Spooky Season! 

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