CHEETAH-licious Halloween: Spooktober part 3

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Another week closer to Halloween and another costume idea for all of you! This week I transformed into a cheetah. It was so much fun doing my hair and makeup, honestly I think that's the best part of any costume. Like I said in the first post of this series, I think the easiest costumes are animals. For this costume I got inspiration from my mom's closet and Pinterest. There is so much inspiration in the world around us that the possibility for costumes is endless. I love how this costume turned out and I hope it gave you some inspiration for what you want to dress up as this year for Halloween. 

For my outfit I wore a cheetah sweater that I tucked up, black Levi's jeans, and black boots. I went into my mom's closet to find something to wear because she has so many cheetah printed items. Since it is usually colder on Halloween where I live I decided to wear a sweater that is cheetah print. It has slight bell sleeves which I like because it elevates an average sweater. I tucked up the front of my sweater to make the outfit more trendy and fit my style better. I kept the rest of my outfit simple since the main focus should be the cheetah spotted sweater. I wore my black Levi's jeans that have distressing on the knees, I rolled them at the bottom to sit above my black boots. Overall it is a super comfortable outfit and I really like it, especially because the cheetah print is so perfect for the costume. 



For my hair I did a half up half down double bun hairstyle. I like the double buns for big cat costumes because it resembles the ears to me. I just left the rest of my hair in loose curls. I think it would also be super cute to have the rest of your hair crimped and teased. You can really do whatever you want with your hair that makes you feel confident. There is no right or wrong way to do your hair for this costume. This time my buns actually turned out looking pretty similar to each other and it didn't take me a long time either. If you know you know that messy buns can be challenging to make look good so trying to make two look good is extra challenging. I always use a few bobby pins to shape them which really helps them look the same and stay in place.    

My makeup was kind of challenging but I'm glad I tried something new. I put spots on my forehead to replicate the skin of a cheetah. I used black eyeliner to trace around the brown eyeshadow to make the spots. I watched multiple YouTube videos to get the technique down. I used a gold eyeliner to outline where I wanted the spots to be. Then, I used gold liquid eyeshadow to make them shimmer. I finished off the spots by using a black pencil eyeliner to make semi circles on both sides of the dots. The rest of my makeup was pretty similar to my lion makeup that I did last year. I used black lipstick for my top lip and then used gold eyeshadow and lipgloss on the bottom. I think that is one of the coolest makeup hacks. You could make any color lipstick your heart desires just by using eyeshadow and vaseline. It makes for a long lasting lip color that doesn't transfer as easily as normal lipstick. I used black eyeliner to color in the tip of my nose, draw a connecting line to my lips, and draw whiskers on my cheeks. The whiskers turned out a little thicker than I wanted but it's okay the general idea was still there. I think this makeup really completes the cheetah costume and there is no way people won't know what you're trying to be.  

I hope you all are as excited for Halloween as I am. I really wish it lasted longer than a day because there are so many great costumes out there and dressing up is so fun. Stay safe, I know it is a crazy time and unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Next week is the final post and I can't wait for you all to see the last costume! 

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