Arrrrgg Matey It's Halloween: Spooktober part 4

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Alright today is the day! I can't believe it is already Halloween and the end of October. This month flew by, do you have your costume picked out for tonight? The final costume this year is a pirate costume. This was a fun costume to put together and it was extra fun because my sister was the same thing. Out of all the costumes I did this year this one was the most intricate. You would think this would be an easy costume but I only had two items already in my closet and they were my thigh high boots and fishnets. I think the look came together and I would definitely wear it again in future years. 

There are a lot of items that make up the outfit for my pirate costume. Let's start from the top and work our way down. I found the red silk bandanas on Amazon because every pirate needs a bandana. When it comes to this costume I am very thankful for Amazon Prime because that's how I got the bandanas and my skirt so quickly. When I think of pirates I think of feathers in their hair so I decided to make a hair accessory. My friendship bracelet making skills came in handy here. I incorporated beads onto the strings and then hot glued on feathers after. It was a nice extra touch to elevate the costume and I'm glad I took the time to make it.


My shirt is a white shirt with ruched sleeves, it wasn't exactly what I was picturing for this costume but it was close enough. I really wanted a long sleeve peasant style blouse that was cropped so it would sit right above my skirt but I wasn't having any luck finding that anywhere. My skirt came from Amazon and I am very pleased with it. I was crossing my fingers that it would fit because you never really know when it comes to online shopping but I followed the size guide and it worked out. My sister needed a Halloween costume for a different party so we found ourselves at Spirit Halloween. There was a whole section for a pirate costume with all of the accessories and I found this leather waist accessory. It looks like the bottom half of a corset and found it necessary to pull the outfit together completely.  


I put on some fishnets that I have had since high school probably, I'm sure I needed them for a dance team performance. Luckily I already had them so I didn't need to buy new ones. I already had thigh high boots which worked perfectly with this costume.  I added gold necklaces and gold hoop earring because I feel like pirates always have a lot of accessories. And to pull it all together my sister and I found swords at Walmart. There was a lot that went into this costume and you definitely don't have to be this detailed when recreating a pirate costume of your own. 

The makeup for this costume was out of the ordinary for me. For Halloween I love doing different makeup looks because I usually wear the same makeup every day so it is fun to experiment. I did a black and red smokey eye, I used my James Charles palette once again for this makeup look. I put black eyeshadow all over my entire lid and then added red into the crease to add more dimension. I also added some black eyeshadow on my water line as well. I feel like wearing black eyeshadow makes my eyes look more blue and I really like it. I also used some black eyeshadow for my contour to make it darker. For my lips I used a red lip liner to fill my entire lip and then took a little black eyeshadow and dabbed it around the edges of my lips to darken them. I was pleased with how it turned out and I'm very thankful YouTube videos exist so that I knew how to do this makeup.   

I hope you all have enjoyed this spooky season and have pulled some inspiration from my posts this month. Stay safe tonight and have fun. I hope you all have created some awesome costumes. I think it is more fun to DIY an outfit instead of buying it but both are great. Halloween is such a fun holiday and I can't wait for next year with even more costumes! 


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