Clowning Around For Halloween: Spooktober Part 3

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Third costume is here and it is a clown. A clown Halloween costume will always be a popular choice for people. It is fairly easy and can be interpreted so many ways. I was able to do some DIY accessories for this costume which made it even more fun and the end result better. This is also an easy costume to create a group costume around. There are so many people and animals that make up the circus that a group of friends can easily dress up as. It's a good costume to make your own and add personal touches that make you feel comfortable and confident.


I kept the majority of my outfit black, I wanted it to be a dark clown because let's face it clowns can be scary sometimes. I'm also very comfortable in black and this is one of my favorite dresses, it has been on the blog before because I love it so much. I thought this was a perfect dress for this costume because of the frills around the arms and the chest area. It ties around the waist so it gives me shape but the skirt is still full so it is fun to spin in. I think you can wear what you want for the main costume part and then use the makeup and accessories to really take it to the next level.


I think the accessories and the makeup for this outfit really helped to pull it all together. Let's go backwards and go from bottom to top when it comes to the accessories. For shoes I wore my Doc Martens to give the outfit edge since I was wearing a dress and I paired them with my black knee high socks. I kept these choices pretty simple because I wanted the main focus to be on the makeup and accessories up top. 

Most clowns have some sort of frilly neck piece that is a part of their costume. I had some lace in my basement that I got from my grandma years ago and knew it would work perfectly. It had a scalloped edge so all I had to do was cut two pieces long enough to fit around my neck and then I just used a safety pin to make sure they didn't fall off. I also like how the pop of white is such a contrast to the rest of the outfit and stands out. 

Before we talk about the makeup the last accessory I had to make was a cute little hat. I watched so many YouTube tutorials on this and for some reason it took me some time to grasp the idea of how to make this cone hat. I eventually figured it out and used some black felt to make it. I added white pom poms on the front and top so that it would match my neck frill. I hot glued some black string to the hat so that I could wear it as a headband and it wouldn't fall off my head. I really like how it turned out and don't think the costume would've been the same without it. 

You already know how I feel about fun Halloween makeup and this costume is no different. There are so many ways you can do your makeup for this costume. The base of my makeup is how I wear it everyday, I went heavier on the blush and highlighter though. I used black eyeshadow and put it all over my lid and a little on my lower lash line. For the triangles on my eyes and the extended lines for my lips I used a black liquid eyeliner. At the point of the triangles above and below my eyes I used some stick on gems to add some bling. In the middle of my lips I used chapstick and red eyeshadow because I didn't have a good red lipstick. I then put black lipstick around it to create an ombre effect. I really liked how the whole look came together and I'm proud of this costume.      


That's a wrap on the third costume for this year of Spooktober. Like always I hope you find inspiration or even try and recreate this look for Halloween 2021. I have so much fun coming up with costumes and putting together outfits that I'm sad there is only one more post to go this year. Stay tuned for next week and the conclusion of the Spooktober series here on the blog. I hope the wheels are turning in your head and I can't wait to see Halloween costumes on social media come October 31st. 


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