Out Of This World Halloween: Spooktober Part 2

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Here is more Halloween costume inspiration for you. I can't believe a week of October has already come and gone. The second costume I came up with was an alien. This was a classic costume last year and I figured it would be just as fun to recreate this year. There are so many ways to interpret a costume idea and I'm glad I get to share mine with all of you. If you like bright colors and creative makeup this costume would be perfect for you.

So for this costume I had an initial thought of what I wanted to wear and what I was looking through my closet for, but that all went out of the window when I didn't have a green or silver top. I had some metallic flowy pants that I wanted to wear so I decided to go to Goodwill to see if I could find a top to match them. I was walking around Goodwill, because honestly it is a great place to look for last minute Halloween items, and found this dress hanging there.

I wasn't sure if it was the vibe I was initially going for but the color was absolutely perfect for the makeup I had in mind. It is a turtleneck bodycon midi dress in an excellent alien green color. So I guess my costume became a sophisticated alien within minutes. The dress is extremely comfortable and would be pretty warm for a chilly Halloween night. It would be easy to layer a shirt underneath or pop on a jacket. How cool would a fuzzy bright jacket be with this dress for this costume?! 



I wore a few silver rings to accessorize the plain green dress, I am a silver jewelry person and I think they match my backdrop perfectly. The two rings stacked together are from Kendra Scott, I love how simple they are and I wear them everyday. The other two I bought at a vintage/craft fair and I was so happy to add them to my ring collection. For shoes I wanted to wear something white for a nice contrast to the green of my outfit. My first thought was to wear some white booties however, I sent them to college with my sister because I thought she would wear them more than me. So instead I just went with my Nike Air Force 1's. I do like this choice because they are comfortable and make the outfit seem a little more casual. Pairing the shoes with some metallic socks that go higher on my ankle would be a fun touch to the outfit overall. 


For me makeup is the part of a Halloween costume that I look forward to the most. This alien makeup was so fun to create because I never use green eyeshadow so it was out of my comfort zone. I did my base makeup like I do everyday, put my contour and blush on and then went overboard on my highlighter. My eyeshadow is a mix of dark green in my crease and a light green over the rest of my eyes and onto my temple. I didn't want my entire face to be green because I wanted a more chic look but extending the eyeshadow was close to a full face. I don't own any green lipstick so I dabbed a bit of the dark green on my lips and put lipgloss over the top. I found some stick on gems at Walmart for cheap to add above my eyebrow. If you don't want to spend more money and you just want to use what you have at home, a white eyeliner or face paint will work perfectly. I just like a bit of bling every now and then and thought it elevated the costume as a whole.   


I really wanted an alien antenna headband that would bounce around every time I moved my head but I couldn't find one anywhere. It would have been pretty easy to DIY one on my own but it would not have looked how I envisioned this costume in my head. With that being said I ended up just doing a half-up half-down hairstyle with mini space buns. I mean they are space buns and aliens live in space so I thought it was only fitting. The rest of my hair was down and curled slightly. You could have straight hair as well with this hairstyle or put it all up into space buns.  


I really liked how this costume ended up coming together and hope you can take some inspiration from it and create something of your own. Spooktober is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait to put together more costume ideas and share them with all of you. I'm looking forward to seeing all the costumes that people create this year!  



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