Giddy Up For Halloween: Spooktober Part 1

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It is time once again for some Halloween costume inspiration! I could not be happier that spooky season is in full force now that it is October. Deciding what to dress up as for Halloween is always a difficult choice, especially for someone as indecisive as myself. I love the creativity that goes along with the Halloween holiday and look forward to it each year. I'm glad I decided to do a spooktober series because I get to try out different costume ideas. This first post is going to show you a simple idea for a cowgirl costume. My hope is that my idea sparks even more thoughts in your mind and you create something uniquely you! 


This outfit idea is quite simple but I like how it turned out and I am super comfortable in it. For my outfit I am wearing a graphic t-shirt that has an animal skull on it. I tucked the bottom of the shirt up into my bra to create the illusion of a crop top. I like this trick because you don't actually have to cut your shirt but you still have the look of a crop top. I knew I wanted this costume idea to be a part of spooktober but had no idea what I was gonna wear. I went to Goodwill looking for costume pieces for something else and this tee was waiting for me. How lucky is that?! I couldn’t believe how perfect it was and it is something that I can wear in my everyday life after Halloween as well. For this costume I wish I had a suede fringe vest to wear with this t-shirt, I think that would really bring the outfit to another level. 


I paired the t-shirt with some high waisted cropped flare jeans. I bought these from Walmart a few years ago. Now in stores they have these in a light wash denim and black denim, I was very tempted to get some more to add to my wardrobe because they fit perfectly and they are so comfortable. They also hit further up on my leg so you can completely see my boots. I think wearing any flare jeans for this costume would be great. I stuck with the cropped flares because I have short legs so flare jeans at the store are typically too long for me. Another accessory that would tremendously add to this costume idea would be a big belt buckle. I only have simple belts so I didn't think it was beneficial for me to wear one with this outfit.    


I really wish I had an authentic cowboy hat to pull this look together but I just used a fall hat that my mom got me for Christmas last year. I love how the tan color looked with the green shirt and it matched my boots perfectly. I don't own any cowboy boots either so I just used what I had in my closet. I like this outfit as a rough outline for the cowgirl costume and then there are ideas on how to elevate it and add to it to make it even better. The best part of Halloween is seeing what you can pull together with items in your closet instead of going out and buying a bunch of stuff you will never use again. Halloween makes my DIY heart happy, I love making items and putting clothes together to create a character. 



I like how this outfit came together and would wear this to a casual Halloween party. I hope this gives you some inspiration for what you'll dress up as this year. I can't wait to make more costume idea posts this month for spooktober. Halloween is such a fun time and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this year. Have fun and make your costume unique to you!  


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