Fall Fashion 2021

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Somehow it is already time again for fall to be here. Fall is my favorite time of the year for fashion though. The fall brings beautiful weather and spooky season activities commence. Layering is a huge part of fall fashion and allows for a lot of creativity to be used when creating outfits. We are in a transitioning period where it is too hot for sweaters and jeans but too cool for tank tops and shorts. This gives us a great opportunity to combine different elements of each season to make the perfect outfits.   

Tennis skirts have been all the rage this past summer and I see them continuing their popularity into the fall months. I like to call this back to school chic because if you didn't know better you'd say it was a school uniform. It also gives me dark academia vibes which was a very popular style at the end of last year. For this outfit I am wearing a black tennis skirt that I got from Ross Dress for Less, it is the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn. I love the fact that it has built in shorts so I don't have to worry about flashing anyone when a gust of wind happens. I paired this skirt with a short sleeve white button up underneath a black sweater vest. I tucked both the short sleeve and sweater vest up in the band of my bra so that it was more cropped and didn't cover the skirt as much. I wore my white Air Force 1 sneakers to keep it super casual.  



Raise your hand if you love dresses as much as me! Dresses are just a simple outfit that allows you to look put together without applying much effort. I would wear a dress everyday if I could. A great way to bring dresses into the colder months is to layer tops underneath. For this outfit I wore a black turtleneck under a floral dress. I have been wanting one of these dresses where it ties at the shoulders and is babydoll style forever. I'm glad I found this one, the fabric is very soft and thick and has green flowers that make it a great transition piece for the fall. I paired this outfit wit my Doc Martens to give it a little more edge since the dress is quite girly.

This is another comfortable outfit perfect for when you don't know what to wear and you have to be somewhere quickly. This style of outfit gives a lot of opportunity to play with different colors and textures. Wearing a short sleeve tee underneath would be a great alternative to the long sleeve for these few months where it can still be warm during the day. You could also change your shoe choice to make it more casual or have a completely different feeling and vibe. 



Midi skirts are a great staple wardrobe item for the fall. In the transition months leading up to colder weather they are great to pair with cute tank tops. A tank top and longer skirt give a classy appearance and work well with the weather. You can also dress midi skirts down by wearing sneakers to make your outfit more casual. I decided to wear some slip on sandals instead of sneakers so my toes could breathe. I like to wear midi skirts when I want a more complex outfit rather than just wearing a dress, which is an outfit all on its own. This tank top ties on the shoulders just like the dress from the previous outfit, you can tell I really like that trend lately. I really like this tank top because it can either be casual or dressy so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it. Midi skirts are very versatile and allow for a lot of variations during the coming months left in the year.     



Biker shorts became popular last year during quarantine because they are so comfortable and you can dress them up or down. They are not something that I thought I would ever wear or know how to style but I think they are much easier to style for the fall months. For this outfit I took a pair of black Aerie biker shorts and wore it with a hoodie that has "dreamer" printed on it. Since layering is a huge part of fall fashion I decided to add an oversized denim jacket over the hoodie. This is perfect for the later fall months because it is sure to keep you warm enough.

It is very cozy and great for a casual day running errands. I wore my white Air Force 1 sneakers to keep it an outfit that I'm ready to run around and get things done in. Wearing the biker shorts with just a hoodie is a great outfit to lounge around the house in. I do get the appeal of biker shorts now and will be adding more into my wardrobe now that I understand ways to style them. This just goes to show that you should always give something new a try, it might work out or it might not but you will never know if you don't give it a chance.    



So the opposite of a tank top and long skirt would be the next outfit I put together which is a short athletic skirt and an oversized sweater. This is the easiest outfit to go along with the changing weather. The sweater I chose to wear keeps the last bit of summer alive because it is a powder blue knit sweater with white flowers. This is a very comfortable and simplistic outfit, I just paired it with my white Air Force 1 sneakers.

This is a good outfit to run errands in or for a casual weekend date or picnic. Changing up the color palette of this outfit will make it a better fit for months like September and October. This idea is just a base line when it comes to the possibilities of what this outfit can become later on in the year. I don't think you can ever go wrong when it comes to a sweater and skirt combination. I look forward to wearing a variety of this outfit throughout the next few months. This is also an easy outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on the shoe choice and fabric of the skirt.     



Last year instead of a straight across waist on jeans uneven closures became popular. I have this pair that I thrifted but they are originally from Missguided that have an uneven waistband. The jeans should be the main focus of the outfit because they are not just normal jeans. I paired them with a simple white cropped tank top, white Air Force 1 sneakers, and a lot of gold jewelry.

When I first saw these jeans in the resale store I wasn't sure I was going to like them. They do have a much less dramatic uneven waistband than other jeans in stores so I decided to give them a try. These jeans are the mom jean style so they are baggy and comfortable and I cuffed them at the bottom. I am a big fan of layered necklaces and the one I am wearing is a three in one so it is perfect. It is simple yet makes a statement and filled the space of my tank top neckline just how I wanted it to.   



I hope some of these outfits gave you inspiration and ideas for what to do with the clothing in your wardrobe. As always you should have fun with your style and try new trends and revamp old ones. Don't be afraid of layering and mixing different clothing styles during the fall months. Clothing is a way of expressing yourself and you should wear what you want when you want. I'm looking forward to styling a lot of fall outfits within the next few months, I hope you are too.  

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