Spring Has Sprung

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The season of new beginnings is here and in full force. Something about 60 degrees and flowers blooming really makes my heart happy, the allergies on the other hand I could live without. Working at a clothing store makes it pretty easy for me to add pieces to my wardrobe to allow me to keep up with the trends. Trends this season include; PASTELS, hair scarfs, small floral prints, babydoll dresses, and trench coats or blazers with shoulder pads. I'm usually a person that loves to wear neutrals but something about the spring makes me want to wear all the baby blues, pastel purples, yellows, and pinks that I can. The flowers blooming makes me want to wear all the floral patterns and pretty colors that the season has to offer.  

Pastels are a huge trend this season and something I am getting more into each day. This bodysuit is one of my favorite things in my closet and I'm so glad I came across it. It is a periwinkle color with slightly puffy sleeves and ruching down the front. It is very flattering and extremely comfortable. Puffy and exaggerated sleeves are another trend for the season so this bodysuit is a 2 for 1 in the trendy department. I like to pair it with high-waisted, ripped mom jeans, and sneakers. Adding simple jewelry or a hat like I did really elevates the look and dresses it up a little more. After finding this bodysuit I'm definitely on the search for more pastels to add to my closet.  

The hair scarf trend is still around and I'm here for it! Adding a scrunchie, hair scarf, or bandana is a great way to spruce up your outfit and hairstyle. I just stocked up so I'm so ready for the spring and all the fun ways I can incorporate them into my outfits. The one pictured below is a black and white gingham pattern and I'll probably wear it every day. I have a lot of simple black tops and dresses in my closet that match perfect with this. For my hairstyle I pulled back half of my hair and twisted it and then added the hair scarf around my ponytail. These are a great way to make a simple outfit more fashionable and I'm glad I'm incorporating them into my daily outfits during the spring and into the summer months.  



One of my favorite patterns of all time is small florals. I'm happy I get to bring my floral shirts out of storage for the spring, always sad when I have to put them away because they can't be worn in the fall/winter months.  I don't know what it is but each time I see it I'm super drawn to it and want to add the clothing item to my closet. It takes a lot of restraint not to buy everything I see with this pattern. I found this shirt that is a light blue with tiny white flowers on it at ROSS and I thought it was perfect for spring. It has three quarter length sleeves and ruched mid section. Since it is such a light color it works really well with medium to dark wash jeans. Wearing white sneakers keeps this outfit casual and accentuates the white of the flowers on the shirt. I'm excited to wear this shirt more and maybe find more like it to add to my closet.    


Babydoll dresses will never go out of style if you ask me. They are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. This dress also has a small floral pattern all over it which makes me love it even more. I paired it with a pair of platform sandals but it would also go great with some white sneakers. This is such an easy outfit to throw on for a picnic or a casual spring day going around town. This pastel sage green color is my favorite for the season, definitely seeing a lot of clothing in this color so it's popular this season. A big plus to this dress is the sleeve length. I love that they are longer than usual, gives the dress more of a bohemian flair.  



Shoulder pads have been making their way back into fashion and I finally added an oversized blazer with shoulder pads to my wardrobe. I found this at Goodwill and knew I had to have it. It did have some holes in the seams but nothing a needle and some thread couldn't fix right up. I paired it with high rise jeans from Old Navy, when I tell you I haven't had a pair of jeans fit me better in life I am not lying, a black cropped tank, and some black boots. For a more casual look I would wear some sneakers. A more springtime take on this outfit would be adding a pop of color with the tank top, which just reminds me that I need some colorful tank tops to add to my drawer. I have been searching for the ideal oversized blazer and the length, pattern, and fit of this one is more perfect than I could ask for. It makes me feel really put together but I know I wouldn't feel over dressed or anything if I wore it to lunch with friends. I highly suggest finding one for yourself!  


Happy spring everyone! I hope you are more inspired to add some color and pattern into your wardrobe for the season. 



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