Caught In The Web Of Halloween: Spooktober Part 4

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Last Halloween costume blog for the year and I'm kind of sad about it. You all know my love for makeup, dressing up, and spooky season. For the final costume I decided to be a spider. I am not a fan of spiders at all but I am pleasantly surprised by how cute I felt in this costume. Sometimes you just have to dress up as your fear and maybe it will become smaller. Coming up with ideas for costumes can sometimes be difficult but choosing animals and creatures in the wild is always a good go-to that I end up doing at least once during my Spooktober costume series.

I think this is my favorite creature inspired costume because the backdrop turned out so cool and really added to the overall idea. I just hung a black blanket behind me and then used the spider webs in a bag from Walmart. Lastly, I added glitter spiders in the webs to look like they created them. It really created a cohesive idea and a clear picture to what I was dressed up as.   

An all black outfit is my favorite, so this one was very easy for me. I wore some black biker shorts that are from Aerie. I never thought I would like biker shorts or want to wear them but this pair is super comfortable and I thought they paired perfectly with the oversized shirt I wore. My top is vintage Sag Harbor, I found it at Goodwill of course. I have plenty of black clothing in my closet but I wanted something new and special for this costume.

I saw this top, it is velvet and satin, and I knew that I wanted to add it to my wardrobe and use it for this costume. I bought it two sizes too big for me but I wanted it to fit more like a dress instead of a shirt. It didn't end up being long enough to wear as a dress so that is why I added the biker shorts. It has a built in satin cami which I didn't even realize when I first bought it. This outfit is insanely comfortable and I like how the pieces look together. I wore my over the knee black boots to pull the outfit all together.   


Just like all my other Halloween costumes I start my makeup off the same way I wear it day to day. I did exaggerate the amount of contour and blush that I applied to my face. I used black eyeshadow on my eyelids and blended it up a little further on my eye than I usually would. I kept my eye makeup pretty simple and added black liquid eyeliner. I haven't worn eyeliner in years so it was so strange applying it to my eyes. There was a time where I wouldn't leave the house without eyeliner on my top and bottom lash line.

I used the liquid eyeliner to draw five lines extending from my lower lash line to begin making the spider web. After that I just added lines connecting them all together to give the appearance of a spider web. I really like how this looks and I'm glad I decided to add it to my makeup look. To pull it all together I wore my black matte lipstick, which is my favorite during Halloween. I don't know if I have the confidence to wear it out any other time of the year but it is perfect for spooky season and I like to use it for as many costumes as possible. 

For my hair I curled it all because that is how I feel the most confident. The phase of me straightening my every single day has come and gone. I created two dutch braids on the top of my head and tied them off into little pigtails. This is one of my favorite half up half down hairstyles that I do. I added a small plastic glitter spider to one of my pigtails to emphasize what I was dressing up as.   


Have you all decided what you're going to dress up as for Halloween? The hardest and most fun part of Halloween is choosing what you want to be and what to wear for the costume. There are endless possibilities, be sure to have fun with it. Only one day a year you get to dress up so you should make the most of it. I can't wait to see all the costume ideas on social media and I'm already looking forward to creating more costumes and Spooktober blog posts next year.

Stay spooky!  


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